Advantages of Hiring Technology Consultants

I confess that I am a bit old and hardly used technology to help my service or social networks in my everyday life. But that changed when my kids told me that I was having a lot of work doing various tasks manually that was taking a lot of time and money while if I computerized these tasks, I would have incredible gains.I listened to them and decided to research how to optimize and computerize my business and I found the solution: hire technology consultants. At first, I didn’t know how to start as I had no experience and had little idea of what technology consultants are and how they would do their job to help me.When I called the technology consultant, he gave me a series of activities he could do to help me. The first of these would be installing accounting software, creating a corporate email, and storing electronic files.Just these three activities would help me a lot as I did my accounting myself, and I did everything by hand, losing several days of service while I could be focusing on something that would boost my service.The other activity that the consultant recommended to me would be to create a basic website with information about the company, company contact information, and social networks to show the company’s presence in the digital world. The social network I asked my children to create for me and I had a nice surprise, several friends my age were on the networks and this helped even further strengthen my business connections with new customers but especially with the old ones who will now remember mine. business not just when they walk past my store but when they get into their cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices.The consultant also asked me to register my company in delivery applications as there are people who may want the products from my cafeteria but who cannot leave the house. Hiring a technology consultant was for sure one of the biggest activities I could take, my business was boosted in a way I never imagined before.

I Am Back in New York for Now

I miss the weather down in North Carolina and I can not deny that at all. They barely have a winter down there, in fact some days it is like spring in the middle of winter. If they get a little bit of snow on the ground that turns into a major disaster as none of them know how to drive on the stuff. I do not either I suppose since I never had a car when I lived in NYC. At any rate I am living with my cousin, he does HVAC repair in Brooklyn and so he is out the door every morning around 6 AM. I am not having to pay him rent so far, but I assume that he might ask for some in awhile. My mom is really not upset with the situation, she has a new boyfriend and she is living with him in Manhattan. She is renting her old place out to two of her friends, although these old girls offered to let me stay over.

At any rate I am having little trouble doing my school work and I have been helping Jim with some side jobs on the weekends. I do not know anything about his work, but there is a good deal physical stuff in it. These things a bulky and hard for one person to manhandle on his own. Of course you put the air handler thing up in the attic and you have to snake wires to all of it. He says that he can do the stuff that requires the brains and let me handle the other stuff. I figure this is how my rent gets paid for the most part, but he gives me some money too. It is enough to let me go out when I can figure out what to do in the pandemic.