How to Identify a Good Frozen Yogurt Franchise Opportunity

n a world where health consciousness is increasing rapidly, good opportunities and revenue generation exist in a Frozen Yogurt Franchise. However, contrary to perceptions, frozen yogurt is not just yogurt that has been frozen. The presentation, the flavor, and the nutrient profile are markedly different from that of regular yogurt. For a time pinched generation, frozen yogurt is a quick, convenient and healthy option. Here is a look at what businesses should look for in a Frozen Yogurt Franchise opportunity.

Look for available business locations

This needs to be the first aspect that needs to be checked. A franchise opportunity will be of little or no use if it is for a distant location. Establishing a franchise in a location that is closer to yours is a good option, as you would be in a position to manage it better. The only exception is if you intend to let it be managed by employees without the need for your presence/leadership.

The amount required – franchise fee

Typically frozen yogurt franchises operate in the business format franchise model. This essentially involves the payment of a franchise fee and other expenses towards establishing and operational expenses. Check out if the model suits your budget. There are financing options that are available, but this needs to be pursued after due diligence to understand if the returns are good enough to take a loan.

Approvals – SBA

A franchise needs to obtain approval from regulators. For instance, it may be necessary to seek approval from the Small Business Administration. While frozen yogurt does not require FDA approval, it is regulated in some states. Hence, you need to understand the nature of approvals required and the processes involved.

These are important aspects that need to be considered even if you happen to be looking at the top brands in the business. Some of the brands may be the hottest, but if the opportunities and the above are a mismatch, then you need to look at alternatives.

Overheads of the business

A business that has high overheads with low volumes or periodic sales patterns is not sustainable. If you have been offered a business that claims to be profitable despite high overheads and low volumes, then you need to stay away from the deal. The ideal profit margins in a business that sells products should be nothing less than 15%, and this needs to combine with reasonable overheads.

Consistent sales

Look for a product that enjoys consistent sales. Most food products are typically in demand throughout the year, but certain categories are preferred as per climatic conditions. Ensure that the business location makes it suitable for year-round sales of the product. In the case of frozen yogurt, locations with warm climates are a better option than regions that experience cold climates for a major portion of the year.

Machinery and product portfolio

The next aspect that you need to check is the product portfolio and the machinery available at the business. Frozen yogurt machines are important to ensure higher food safety levels, portioning, and greater efficiency. Check if the machines are good enough to handle the volumes and the different product mix that is in demand or that you propose to make available. If you are opting for a franchise model, the need for complying with product standards, packaging, and flavor makes it more important to have the right machinery.

5 Powerful Tricks to Increase Sales

Getting an optimal amount of sales is one of the primary motives of entrepreneurs and businesses. And when this doesn’t happen, the imbalance in the expenditure and revenue creates multiple problems for the whole enterprise, thus, hampering future productions.

Hence, utmost attention must be paid on ways to increase the purchase of one’s product or service. And while it may seem easy, the course of increasing sales is one of the toughest in the entrepreneurial journey.

Promotions through existing customers

More often than not, people end up trying items or services which have been recommended by their close ones, rather than some celebrity posing for the brand. Hence, the first way to make existing customers sing high praises of your product or service is to ensure that they get the best of your service. It is important to fulfill the requirements of the current customers, in order to seek more customers through them. And while positive experiences of the current consumers, get more customers for one’s, negative experiences turn the loyal ones away as well.

Promotions through social media

The Internet has become a powerful sphere to promote one’s products and services. Most brands and companies are keen on starting their social media pages and conveying to the customers about the specialty and benefits of their products. Instead of using much celebrity promotion, most brands have now turned to their customers, who are asked to give their review. Reviews are exchanged of certain rewards, which can be availed by those who purchase through the referral of the current customer. While positive reviews on social media have worked wonders for increasing sales, however, usage of referral rewards has got much better results. The success of Uber is a big testimony to this method.

Blogs and expert’s advice

No customer is willing to buy a product just because a salesman says they would need it. Consumers find the product worth trying when the advice comes straight from the mouth of a specialist whose suggestion never goes wrong. Hence, one way to increase sales is by ensuring that one’s product has been used by an expert and has been recommended by him/her. To find whether the product is actually effective or not, most customers turn to blogs where they can find every detail of the product. Hence, blogs are the modern way of promotion and increasing sales.

Consideration to customer needs

It is important to pay attention to the needs of customers, while one might want early delivery and others might budget-friendly, the key to increase sales is by keeping an eye and fulfilling the demands of the customers. And it may seem unreal to fit into the standards of each customer, however, efforts don’t go wasted. When customers view that products and services are now being offered in consideration of their needs, they will continue to buy them for a longer time. This step not only ensures short-term benefits but is also quite effective in the long for gaining more and more customers.

Informing about inside scoop

When a huge sale is about to arrive, it is important to convey to the customers about it. This not only instills trust in them but also ensures future commitment and more recommendations from their side. And when during famous and important occasions or occasionally, one is more likely to be in limelight, as customers are mostly looking for such opportunities.

Production Planning Control

Production Planning and Control

Production Planning and Control:Production Planning and control is a significant errand of Production Manager. It needs to see that generation procedure is appropriately chosen ahead of time and it is done according to the arrangement. Generation is identified with the transformation of crude materials into completed products. This transformation procedure includes various advances, for example, choosing what to create, how to deliver, when to deliver, and so forth. These choices are a section, of generation arranging. Only choosing about the errand isn’t adequate.

The entire procedure ought to be completed in a most ideal manner and at the least cost. Creation Manager should see that the things continue according to the plans. This is a control work and must be conveyed as fastidiously as arranging. Both arranging and control of creation are important to deliver better quality products at sensible costs and in a most orderly way.

Production Planning:

Production Planning is one piece of generation arranging and control managing essential ideas of what to deliver, when to create, the amount to create, and so forth. It includes taking a long haul see at generally creation arranging. Thusly, destinations of Production planning are as per the following:

  • To guarantee right amount and nature of crude material, gear, and so forth are accessible during times of generation.
  • To guarantee limit use is in line with gauge request at constantly.

A very much idea production guarantees that general creation procedure is streamlined giving after advantages:

  • Association can convey an item in an opportune and ordinary way.
  • Provider are educated will progress of time for the necessity of crude materials.
  • It diminishes interest in stock.
  • It diminishes by and large generation cost by driving in effectiveness.

Production deals with two fundamental systems’ item product plan and procedure planning. Creation arranging is done at three distinctive time ward levels for example long-extend arrange managing office planning, capital venture, area planning, and so on.; medium-run arrangeing manages request gauge and scope quantification and ultimately momentary planning managing everyday tasks.

Types of Production Planning Controll:

  • Pre-Planning
  • Planning
  • Control


Under this period of production planning, essential preparation on the item plan, format structure and work process are readied. The tasks identifying with the accessibility extension and limit of men, cash materials, machines, time are assessed.


This is where a total examination on steering, assessing and booking is finished. It likewise attempts to discover the zones of worry for brief time and long time with the goal that noticeable planning can be readied.


Under this stage, the capacities included are dispatching, development, review and assessment. It attempts to break down the campaign of work in advancement. This is one of the significant periods of the Production Planning and Control.

Production planning and control is a foreordained procedure which incorporates the utilization of human asset, crude materials, machines and so on. PPC is the method to design every single step in a long arrangement of independent activity. It takes the correct choice at the ideal time and at the ideal spot to accomplish most extreme effectiveness.