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Full Turnkey PCB Assembly and Why It Is Important

Using full Turnkey PCB assembly is important for start-ups and small businesses eager to invest in less printed circuit boards without carrying excess inventory. Turnkey solutions enable businesses to efficiently and cost effectively assemble and test different products’ circuit boards. Additionally, this provides companies a means of receiving printed circuit boards with very short lead times. Turnkey is a term used to refer to services or products that are ready to be used immediately by the buyer, and when used in reference to PCB assembly, it implies that the supplier handles every aspect of the PCB project. Such aspects include; purchasing parts and components and manufacturing the PCB. Turnkey PCB assembly utilises internet cloud-based software and PCB manufacturers for developing printed circuit boards in the most efficient, cost-effective and quick manner suitable enough for small businesses. Basically, full Turnkey solutions allow businesses to have more freedom to focus on the design of PCBs while the suppliers handle other operations.

Partnering with turnkey PCB suppliers is essential for easy management since only one vendor is needed to be managed, which could save you from frustrations associated with miscommunications and delays with other vendors you would have outsourced yourself. Often, there is only one point of contact when working with turnkey PCB suppliers, which implies that any amendments needed to be done on the project can be worked on seamlessly and you will only pay one bill. This is very important if a business needs to produce prototype PCBs, since developing prototypes can be very expensive and slow. Therefore, it can be quite overwhelming to manage multiple vendors.

Through full Turnkey suppliers, a business can handle assemblies of various volumes, whether low or high. Full Turnkey suppliers offer businesses the convenience of merging several small orders into one big order. As soon as the design is perfected, a full Turnkey supplier can develop as many printed circuit boards as a business requires. By using cloud software, manufacturers are capable of managing orders of different sizes, which adds to greater convenience for customers.

The majority of suppliers who provide Turnkey assembly services also provide extra services that may be convenient for their customers. Besides assembly and manufacturing, suppliers are able to provide other services like shipping and inventory. This implies that businesses are enabled to ship in their materials, check the inventory levels and develop products.

Businesses can utilise their Turnkey suppliers for enhanced customisation. Some people may believe turnkey services are restrictive by confusing them for cookie-cutter. However, while cookie-cutter implies a similar point for everybody, Turnkey implies procedures, systems and criteria that are already in place.

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